How heavy should you lift?

Posted: December 5, 2013 in fitness, Muscle Building
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I wish I had my phone camera handy today in the gym so I could show you a video of a guy that perfectly illustrates when you should put aside your ego and lower the weights.

This fellow was trying to bench more than he should have been and was heaving it up with his lower back and shoulders, then lowering with no control whatsoever. **As an aside, I always recommend keeping your abs tight and your shoulders retracted when doing a bench press. This will certainly limit how much weight you can use, but you will be targeting your chest instead of the surrounding muscles.

I’m all for lifting heavy weights; but only when it is being done with perfect form and ideally with a full range of motion.

Now there is one exception I have to this rule, which is using momentum to get a weight up in order to perform negative reps. It’s not something I recommend doing very often, and when it is done you have to be very careful… in fact I NEVER do this without having a training partner helping me get it up so I’m not staining and risking injury.

You won’t impress anyone when you are laid up in a hospital bed because you put heavy weights above proper form in your list of priorities.

Of course I’m probably preaching to the choir, since pretty much all of my readers I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with have been very intelligent people who already train smart. The ones I’ve met who don’t train as well generally do so out of ignorance or having been taught the wrong things by the wrong meat heads.

To come back to the original question, how much should you lift? The answer is: as much as you can within your desired rep range while keeping perfect form.
Grow forth and prosper!

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