Occlusion Training: My newest muscle growth weapon

Posted: December 4, 2013 in fitness, Muscle Building
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I’ll admit that I was skeptical several months ago when occlusion training articles began popping up, most notably in magazines (I believe it was Muscle & Fitness)… in fact virtually anytime I see a new “muscle growth secret” pop up in a publication like this I immediately write it off as crap.

This time however I was intrigued… not by the magazine coverage, but actually it was some scientific studies on occlusion training that were overwhelmingly and very decisively positive.

So I’ve been giving it a try, and while the end results are still pending, I can definitely say I come out of occlusion training with such a massive pump that it definitely makes the workout feel like it was worthwhile.

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  5. kenny wong says:

    I can’t seems to view the video, it says “the video is private”

    Thanks and Regards bro 🙂

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