Advanced Gym Etiquette

Posted: November 24, 2013 in fitness
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There are countless articles that have been written by pissed off bodybuilders who are sick I cleaning up weights that noobs leave Lyon around or on racks, but clearly those guys don’t read such writings because it still happens. All those guys seem to care about is lifting heavy weights with poor form.

Today there was a new one for me…

A guy goes to the urinal, and takes the middle one (there were 3)… Okay boys, never take the middle one if all three are free, unless you want to discourage other guys from being able to empty their bladder.

As I was waiting for him to finish I noticed that instead of simply shaking he was doing a motion that looked strangely like tugging.

Then he leaves without washing his hands, in his way to go work out. I called after him and said “you forgot to wash your hands.” At that point he looked at me like I was the weird one.

I do t know how some people are raised when I have to be sitting here teaching people how to shake their dick dry, but hopefully together we can educate the masses and have less urine on our dumbbells.

Actually I think gym etiquette on the whole can be summed up as follows: show consideration for others.

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