Putting the “Progress” into Progressive Overload

Posted: November 14, 2013 in fitness, Muscle Building
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I mention the term “Progressive Overload” in many of my blogs as it is a fundamental part of muscle-building. Generally I focus on the Overload half of that, so today I will talk about Progress.

I’m not usually one for analogies because I find they often remain theoretical and then don’t translate to real-world results, but one has really stuck with me in regards to progress:

“All progress is an upward climb. It is never easy, but always necessary to improve.”

This really tells us all we need to know about moving out of the dreaded “comfort zone” and into the “growth zone”. But it has to be realized through action to be of any kind of use. This comes down to mental focus and programming.

When we hit the gym with the intension of improving, we must have that mindset. We must know what our previous best was and tell ourself that we not only can, but WILL do even better today.

Through my own experience this means coming into the gym with a specific goal (based on my previous training logs) and telling myself over and over that I am capable of achieving it. It also means keeping my clearly trained on improvement by NOT having heavy metal blasting into my ears (that is saved for cardio).

In fact if I listen to anything while resistance training it’s almost always self-improvement audiobooks, but usually I’ll even unplug that during my hardest work sets so that the moment can be between me and the weights.

From my perspective progress is a very personal thing, and a way of thinking. It is about overcoming mental barriers and replacing any negative doubts with positive reinforcement. It comes through belief in yourself and your capabilities, and it comes from taking responsibility for everything in your life because you are the only one that can make it happen!

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