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Sex is such an inter-connected part of physical and mental health that I wanted to give my own take on the subject.

If you’ve been following my blog you know that hormones are one of my favourite topics and factor in greatly with muscle growth and fat loss. Well more than virtually any other human activity, sex has a major impact on hormones, specifically Testosterone and the neurotransmitter Serotonin.

High levels of Testosterone can often lead to sexual desire which, which is clearly beneficial.

However following sexual activity, testosterone levels decline and serotonin levels rise.

Based on the previous statements, a few things come to mind: Healthy sex drive is good, but an overabundance of sexual activity is bad.

This concept is actually backed up by the theory of “sexual transmutation”. This means converting sexual energy into creative expressions in your field of interest to achieve greatness. Because of the evident link to physical fitness, “transmuting” this energy into physique endeavours seems not only logical, but a rather brilliant way to achieve extraordinary results.

Like any kind of change, this is not an easy thing to do initially, but making a conscious effort to take your horny desires and determine to output it in non-sexual ways is one of the most amazing tools mankind has built into our genetic makeup, and yet so often goes untapped.

Good luck on your journey towards excellence!

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