Thor Mass Program

Posted: October 30, 2013 in fitness, fun, Muscle Building
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Now that the summer blockbusters are done, the studios are rolling out the second string films, and with them of course is the sequel to the first atrocious Thor film.

While I wasn’t impressed by the first film, one had to be impressed by Chris Hemsworth’s physical transformation where he managed to pack on plenty of muscle (reportedly 20lbs) while keeping lean enough for his gains to be evident.

As with my Man of Steel and Wolverine articles, I’m going to propose a program that might help someone seeking a similar transformation.

Putting on lean muscle without adding just as much fat is perhaps the greatest challenge that recreational bodybuilders encounter, and to be successful requires strict attention to detail as well as intelligent hormonal optimization.

One of the things I’ve found over the past number of years is that my greatest gains have come directly after an extended diet, in fact, the first two weeks after a diet the body seems to be like a sponge. Many people gorge after a diet and put in a lot of fat in a short period of time, but i the diet i clean and high in protein you can put on some impressive muscle mass instead of fat.

With that in mind, I suggest the following dietary protocol:

Week 1: detox, Calories kept to about 10x bodyweight, consisting of mainly vegetables and nuts.

Week 2: calories at maintenance, or about 16x bodyweight. Eat primarily protein and healthy fat throughout the day and carbs after training.

Week 3: increase calories by 250.

Week 4: increase by another 250.

Next it gets interesting… Repeat weeks 2-4

Training will be pretty cool here too, a method I developed that is probably unlike anything you’ve done before!

Week 1: 4-day Anatomical Adaptation split

Week 2: 2-day strength split

Week 3: 4-day hypertrophy split

Week 4: 6-day lactic acid/GH split

Now to make it even more interesting, when repeating weeks 2-4 diet, reverse the order of the training split!

After 6 weeks of this program I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your results as I was.

The guidelines are exactly as I performed it, but obviously I’m limited by space on my blog. I am however putting together the full, unabridged program which I’ll be publishing shortly!

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Super Hero Physique
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