The Key to Success

Posted: October 28, 2013 in fitness, fun
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Whether your goals are to burn fat, build muscle, or get filthy rich, I’ve come to find there is one thing that sets apart the successful people from the unsuccessful ones…


The idea of Keeping on keeping on has served me well when I’ve applied it along with fierce dedication.

When we look at anyone who is successful in their given field it is easy to see that they dedicated time and persistence to their endeavours, often from a young age. I look back on the areas in my own life where I’ve come up short and I think I could’ve seen success had I not given up the good fight.

We must be careful however not to be discouraged by the fact that we didn’t start our pursuit at age 5 like others have. We have to start where we are and push forward. The more support we can garner the better… and you all have mine!!

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