Self-assesment 101

Posted: October 25, 2013 in fitness
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Specialization programs are all around us these days. We all have body parts we’d like to improve, but the question often ought to be first, what SHOULD I spend more time on.

It begins with taking an objective look at yourself.

First look at your overall composition. Are you fatter than you would like? If so begin to cut.

Next, assess your posture. My own had been a challenge and I know first-hand that poor posture will hold you back big time!

Next look at your extremities… Are your forearms or calves disproportionately small? If so perhaps you should spend a few months training them every day.

The next major weak point many have is their back (see my Back Attack post).

Quads and hams are the next most commonly neglected muscle group. Work them in twice as much as you do now if that is the case (unless you currently train them zero times, in which case do them 3 times a week). Remember to have lots of water and electrolytes when training legs!

If your arms are small, check out my arm blog.

If your chest is small, try training it twice a day 1-2 times per week.

Good luck on achieving your ideal body!

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