Growth Hormone: my secret weapon – Part 1

Posted: October 21, 2013 in fitness
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A lot of authors (some of whom I highly respect) say that growth hormone is not anabolic, and will therefore try to debunk the notion that attempting to optimize it carries favorable results.

Well, I will tell you from personal experience that once I began following the steps required to maximize GH, my results in both gaining muscle and shedding fat have reached new heights.

Let’s first take a look at what growth hormone is responsible for, then in the follow-up posts we’ll discuss the two important ways to get the most out of it, namely: HOW to optimize GH, and COMBINING GH with other hormones to create massive results.

To begin with, GH is secreted by the pituitary gland and is a powerful fat burning hormone. In addition it has the following benefits:

  • Supports bone density
  • Supports immune function
  • Influences cholesterol levels
  • Supports organ health
  • promotes and increases protein synthesis
  • improves sleep quality
  • Now it should be noted that this multitude of benefits and so-called anti-aging properties have led many to rationalize the practice of injecting HGH. While this has been shown to have obvious benefits, studies have also shown that when discontinuing this expensive practice the body began to speed up the aging process at an unhealthy rate.

    So it seems pretty clear that naturally increasing growth hormone will have health benefits at the same time as helping burn fat. In Part 2 I’ll cover some of the ways I’ve found to accomplish that using both training and nutrition.

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