5 Factors of Muscle Mass

Posted: October 18, 2013 in fitness, Muscle Building
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I received a lot of positive feedback for my post on the 5 factors of Fat loss, so as a follow-up I’ll talk about the next step in physique improvement… packing on mass!!

Adding muscle to your frame is an inexact science, and even the top bodybuilding pros are constantly seeking better ways to accomplish it.

One thing is for certain… no one has ever built significant muscle by accident! Muscle mass is more metabolic than fat, and therefore is much more difficult for the body to maintain. So in a way it is like you are fighting against your own body — This point illustrates why lifting weights is MEANT to be hard!

Based on the what success I’ve had myself, striving to build muscle 100% naturally, here are 5 Factors I feel contribute most significantly to building muscle:

  1. Focus
  2. Nutrient timing
  3. Progressive overload
  4. Hormones
  5. Recovery

Now in-depth…


In order to maximize focus, here’s what I suggest trying:

  • have a plan, stick to it, adapt as needed
  • take ear buds out for worksets
  • enjoy what you are doing, but not at the expense of making it difficult
  • Nutrient Timing

    Getting the most out of nutrients can be extremely difficult. Getting in enough quality calories has always been my challenge. To help with that I created a diet and training log that allows you to track each meal: https://www.createspace.com/4397631

    This also means giving attention to pre and post workout nutrition, as well as avoiding carbs in the early part of the day.


    specifically we are speaking of Testosterone, Growth Hormone and insulin… now GH is not said to be very anabolic on its own, but when combined with insulin can be extremely anabolic.

    Progressive overload

    My favourite way of reaching overload is to add intensifiers at the end of the last set on as many exercises as possible. Those “intensifiers” include: partials, negatives, rest-pause and drop sets


    Sleep, adequate nutrients (including BCAAs, vitamins and minerals/electrolytes) and hydration are your best friends when it comes to improved recovery. The better you recover, the sooner you get back to the gym for another mass attack!

    Give some of these a try, and let me know which work best for you!

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