Training Music Part 2

Posted: October 17, 2013 in fitness, fun

In my last post about music while training, I spoke about the idea of arousal and how heightened arousal might make the workout more productive.

I also know that wen lifting heavy I tend to do better when I’m completely distraction-free and so I also have suggested training with no music at all during heavy work sets.

I’ve also experimented with another idea recently, which is: listening to spoken word audiobooks such as Brian Tracy. After trying this for a few weeks I noticed something interesting…

First of all, I felt energized after my workout, and like I was even more productive during my training session. It also helped drill positive feedback into my subconscious, which made the time after my workout really productive, as I was inspired to do meaningful things with my time.

Another cool thing I noticed is that while training I’m in a different mindset than normal, so I absorb the material in different ways than I normally might.

Along the same line of thought, I’ve also tried listening to comically charged audio books while performing cardio. That has made cardio a really enjoyable experience!

One more point: it takes self-discipline to listen to self improvement instead of fun tunes; the same type of discipline required to get out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone!


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