How to Lift Heavier Weights!

Posted: October 14, 2013 in fitness, Muscle Building
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I recently stumbled upon a new way to add more weight to the bar, which interestinly enough might be completely different than anything you’ve read elsewhere.

Usually when trying to push heavier weight the usual suspects that come up are: lowering the range of motion, manipulating rep schemes or rest periods etc.

**For the record let me state that proper form ALWAYS trumps heavy weights.

But it was actually while studying human psychology that I realized the true secret to lifting incrementally heavier weights…

The first prinicple to consider is that: the conscious mind is not able to hold contradictory thoughts. For example, it cannot process YES and NO at the same time.

The next step in the chain of mental command is that: the subconscious will accept whatever the conscious mind tells it without bias.

Finally: the subconscious mind signals the body & muscular system to perform the required actions needed to support its belief.

So using reverse engineering, we can see that the mental process required to go beyond your current limits is to tell your concious mind that it can (and will) be done.

To put this to work, just prior to attempting to lift slightly more than what you are currently capable of, tell yourself that you can do it over and over… then do it!

Good luck!!

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