Eating disorders in Bodybuilding

Posted: October 10, 2013 in family, fitness, Muscle Building
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I just read a fairly disturbing article:

Now this of course isn’t anything new, but it is a good reminder of the way that good intentions can often get bastardized along the road.

It’s an interesting paradox that the bodybuilding world is at once about reaching the highest levels of fitness, but for many about taking their body to unhealthy extremes in order to achieve what might be considered a vain outward ideal.

This is actually one of the things that has kept me from stepping onstage. While I love getting into great shape and dieting down after a successful muscle gaining cycle, the idea of prancing around in a banana hammock to be judged by others and compared to others, seems to me a bit of a mockery of what the entire health and fitness industry SHOULD stand for.

I’ve actually had the misfortune of dating someone with an eating disorder, and it is an extremely tragic, and often frustrating thing because often the person doesn’t even see it as a problem. When dieting down to get to extremes to meet some sort of external ideal I can see how people could potentially do a lot of harm to themselves.

I suppose to me what is saddest in this whole thing is that young people look up to some of these people and decide that achieving outward recognition is more important that obtaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. It’s a discussion I have with my daughter regularly, as she is just getting to the age where she is feeling pressured to have a certain body image.

Okay, enough on this depressing subject, let’s hit the gym, eat well and have a great life!!!

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