Vince Del Monte… criminal intent

Posted: October 1, 2013 in fitness, fun, Vince Del Monte
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vince del monte criminal
Let me tell you the tale of a shrewd business man, for argument’s sake, let’s just call him “Vince”.

“Vince” has built himself a nice little business based in the online fitness industry. Of late he has attached himself to one of the world’s elite bodybuilders. He is no stupid man… but then again the devil is said to be quite brilliant too.

Having associated with the previously mentioned bodybuilder, his reputation and business has blossomed, and his own physique has taken massive strides. The unfortunate thing is that his business integrity has been on a steady decline since he has had a small taste of success.

Let’s first go back to June 2012 when “Vince” and his co-partner released a fitness program that rhymes with Hypertrophy Max. The program was released to the public for only a limited time as the intention was to deliver the program to all of the members at the same time month-by-month for a full year.

I was excited by the promise of this program, and signed up for the first two months. However as soon as the membership closed “Vince” all but disappeared from the forums to literally take his cash and run off to Hawaii for a vacation, leaving the members in limbo.

The monthly “coaching calls” component of the program came in late, and over time became shorter and shorter — far less than the promised 90 minutes, and even non-existent over time with no sense of concern about this from “Vince”.

Having had enough of this crap service, I jumped ship.

A year later when the program re-opened, I strongly considered rejoining, with the optimistic hope that the kinks had been ironed out. There was the same components offered — 90 minute coaching calls etc, as well as one huge bonus… a $25,000 transformation challenge done in collaboration with Early to Rise to be held in October 2013.

One difference this time… at the end of the recruitment process, they opened up the time window to join by several days. It seemed they had not reached the kind of numbers they were expecting.

Since I had previously received the first two phases I asked “Vince” on his facebook page if I would be entitled to a discount. He said very definitively that I would, however when I purchased the program they flat-out refused. This is either a sign of an inept business owner or a dishonest company… you be the judge.

I rejoined with the hopes that this transformation challenge would be a great way to give myself extra motivation, and would come at a perfect time.

Unfortunately, when I browsed their web forum, I noticed that there was a huge level of dissatisfaction amongst the members in terms of the quality of the service as well as some of the add-ons they felt compelled to purchase. I noticed that some of the coaching calls had slipped below even the 45 minute mark — half the length they were supposed to be.

I quickly got concerned about the possibility that they had not hit their projected numbers needed for the transformation challenge and began a thread asking for information about it. This thread was completely ignored by “Vince”.

A few months in I revisited the question in a coaching call, to which “Vince”, “I don’t know anything about that, it’s all being done through early to rise”.

Upset by this answer I went to Early to Rise who told me: “No, we are not doing a Transformation Contest, sorry. It was just the one last January. Thanks!”

Several members supported me as I asked for this to be addressed, and yet after several days “Vince” ignored this thread as well.

On the forum I informed “Vince” of his legal obligations based on laws of false marketing, and through his help desk demanded a 100% refund of what I had paid. I received and insulting response:

1. The transformation contest has never been taken off the table but was made clear that it would be run through

2. Some coaching calls are longer but if any are shorter it’s because there are fewer questions being asked. You have received all coaching calls promised to you.

3. Unfortunately there are no discounts for Hypertrophy M.A.X. and it’s regrettable if you feel you were to receive one. We only have two options – the pay-in-full price and the monthly price. We do not credit past purchases as I have mentioned to in previous tickets.

As promised in our no-hassle policy, if you would like a refund and to cancel your membership we can honour this request for you no problem, but please make sure you understand our refund policy for pay-in-full members before making a final decision.

At this point you have received Phases 1-4 so you would be entitled to a refund of $109.

Actually their responses became more and more belligerent after I informed them I had decided to take matters to a new level. Vince Del Monte Fitness, from 587 Upper Horning Rd Hamilton, ON had sold me a product based on false pretenses and had not delivered the promised services, which is in direct violation of Canadian business law. This is why I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

There are other small areas where “Vince” has broken promises to his followers but I don’t wish to dwell on those. This issue has yet to be resolved…

Update: The stubbornness has continued from team Del Monte. While “Vince” himself admitted he “dropped the ball”, the helpdesk refuses to acknowledge that, and furthermore are claiming that they have provided me “everything they promised” — well there have only been two coaching calls and yet they are telling me they will charge me for four phases? The dishonesty is piling up…

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  6. Jake Goode says:

    i really liked vince’s no nonsense book, so i followed him on the internet for a while. what turned me off was that there was a contest a while back on his website to win free virtual coaching with vince, if you were to explain your personal motivation and put a price on how much you would be willing to pay for the personal coaching sessions. well, a bunch of people replied, but there was nothing else mentioned about it. i got the feeling that vince was just baiting people to see how much people would pay to be coached over skype with him, and how big the response was.

    • thanks for the reply Jake. When I first read No Nonsense I also enjoyed it, unfortunately when I followed it I only got fat. What you experienced with the contest is unfortunately all too common with his way of operating. But to be honest you are probably better off without him as a “coach” — imagine relying on him to deliver on an ongoing basis?

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