Personal Trainers – good or bad?

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Fat Burning, fitness, Muscle Building
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Seeing as I’ve done PT certification and take on clients when time permits, you’d think I’d be pretty definitively in favor of hiring a personal trainer… Well that’s not quite the case.

Why TO hire a trainer:

1. You are a beginner and need help with exercise form

2. You have hit a plateau and need an outsider to push you beyond your normal limits

3. Specialization within a specific sport

In either case you have to hire someone whom you trust and share ideology.

To ensure this is the case I suggest chatting with the trainers you are considering as informally as possible. You want someone who will push you, but in a way that works WITH you, not against you.

Why NOT to hire a trainer:

1. The majority of trainers have more training in sales tactics than physiology

2. You should learn to push yourself outside of your comfort zone before relying on someone else

3. You know your body more than anyone else (or at least you should)

4. The biggest thing you often learn with a PT is reliance on them!
-in fact this is the whole basis of the business!

There is a great comment in The Wealthy Barber, where the author talks about financial advisors and stick brokers and remarks that most of them are not affluent themselves but their area of speciality is actually in selling themselves… I feel it is exactly the same with personal trainers, and in fact with the majority of people making a living in the fitness industry. I have had enough personal encounters with such people to make me hold firm to this belief.

It is far better to educate yourself and hold your destiny in your own hands.


Weak-point training

SuperHero Physique
superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington


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