2013 contest cut – week 13

Posted: September 9, 2013 in 2013 cut, fitness

I heard a great quote the other day that success is built upon the ashes of failure. While I believe that this has been my most successful cut to date, I think I can improve upon it even more, which is why it is good that I have closely monitored my dietary, training and supplement protocol so that I can hopefully shift things slightly the next time around and be even more successful than this one. To assist with that process I’ve decided that I’m going to continue dieting until I hit my target. That should help give me a better idea of where my starting point should be next time.

Week 13 was mainly about four things:
1. Train my butt off to shed the remaining pounds
2. Discontinue creatine (in preparation for the week 14 creatine load).
3. get tan
4. Begin loading sodium

One of the issues I faced this week was that by deliberately loading up my sodium, I was bloated and retaining water, so the numbers didn’t come down as drastically as I would’ve liked, but I can still see progress in the mirror.

I’ve tanned about as dark as I think I’m likely to get, so today I’m going to put on a first coat of pro-tan. Picture day is this coming Saturday, following which I’ll be pulling an airplane.


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