Weak point Training part 1

Posted: September 4, 2013 in fitness, fun

Knowing that my forearms, calves and back need greater developement, I have been experimenting with a slightly new protocol that seems to be doing pretty well based on how much it hurts just to type this blog!

I actually created a spilt routine that was focussed on developing both of these which looks like this:

Day 1: Mid-back & forearms
Day 2: Quads & calves
Day 3: Chest & forearms
Day 4: Delts & traps
Day 5: Lats, lower back, hams & forearms
Day 6: Arms & calves

Since the point is to make as dramatic an increase in size as possible, I’ve implemented several different advanced modalities to create muscle swelling and favorable hormonal responses.

I’ll get into each specific workout in the future, but for today’s blog I’ll cover the thought behind it…

As you can see, forearms and calves are trained pretty frequently as they are small muscle groups and can handle it. In general I also train these parts with a very slow tempo both on the concentric as well as the eccentric and keep a higher-than-normal time under tension.

Back is split up into three days so that I can focus on different parts of it. That’s the only way I’ve found that I’m able to adequately stimulate both the lats and the mid/upper back.

Pairing delts with traps has always been a favourite of mine because the two groups are so closely tied that pre-fatiguing one forces the other to work harder.

When I’m cutting I also throw crunches into pretty much every workout, but off-season, this split gives me tons of core work (when execution is correct).

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