Hormonal Blast workout!

Posted: August 7, 2013 in fitness, Muscle Building
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You probably know by now that I’m hugely into naturally optimizing hormones via diet and training, I’ve recently implemented a protocol that just might be the most potent way of getting a surge of anabolic hormones around!

Testosterone is generally correlated with heavy weights, where Growth Hormone is usually correlated with lighter loads but a higher build up of lactic acid.

I often start out a workout with heavy weights, then switch over to hypertrophy-style training and it has been working exceptionally well.

However I found an interesting way to take it to the next level!

NOTE: This is best suited to legs and arm, back and chest will not work with this methodology for reasons you’ll soon discover.


There is probably another name for this out there, but it is a very uncommon way of training that focusses on Perceived maximal force. I tend to call these Power Drops.

Your goal is to do 6-8 drops all with only 1 repetition.

Example, Leg extension:
set 1 – 200 lbs x 1 rep (no rest)
set 2 – 180 lbs x 1 rep (no rest)
set 3 – 160 lbs x 1 rep (no rest)
set 4 – 140 lbs x 1 rep (no rest)
set 5 – 120 lbs x 1 rep (no rest)
set 6 – 100 lbs x 1 rep (no rest)
set 7 – 90 lbs x 1 rep (no rest)
set 8 – 80 lbs x 1 rep (rest 2-3 min then repeat once more)

The beauty of this is that you will get a massive burn as well as working extremely intensely. Another benefit is that after a couple of rounds of this you will know what your 1RM is for that exercise, which comes in handy for the next step…


Use the same exercise with occlusion for 5 sets. So you would occlude the top of your legs in this case and start with about 20% of your 1RM for 20 reps, rest about 60 seconds, then do 15 reps. continue this pattern, but if you can’t hit 15 reps lower the weight but only rest 30 seconds.

example (leg extension w/occlusion):
set 1 – 50 lbs x 20 reps (1 min rest)
set 2 – 50 lbs x 15 reps (1 min rest)
set 3 – 50 lbs x 10 reps (30 sec rest)
set 4 – 40 lbs x 15 reps (1 min rest)
set 5 – 40 lbs x 12 reps (set complete, remove occlusion bands)

I find this works best with machines as they are both safe and versatile in terms of the weights you can use.

This probably isn’t something you want to do too often, but can be a great way to shake up your workouts, especially while cutting as it should provide a surge of growth hormone!

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    Nice! Keep the great info shawn..!

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