2013 contest cut – week 8

Posted: August 7, 2013 in 2013 cut, fitness

I think I missed week 7, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve made a couple changes that have helped me shed a decent amount of fat while also adding on some lean weight…

I started by breaking my supplements into a 5-day block: morning, pre-woprkout, post-workout, mid-afternoon and pre-bed. This makes sure I’m getting steady doses of the vitamins I need. It makes perfect sense considering I eat in pretty much the same way.

At the beginning of my cut I was mainly doing HIIT cardio. I’ve cut down to only about 1-2 HIIT sessions and instead I do more empty-stomach outdoor runs. I’m not sure why yet, but this has done me far more good than just HIIT.

Finally, I’ve lowered the amount of weight training I’ve been doing. My muscle mass hasn’t suffered, in fact it’s improved so I think I was actually creating too much of a catabolic deficit before.

I seem to learn something new with each cut, so hopefully I remember these ones next time around 🙂


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