Review of Ryan Faehnle’s FAT LOSS SOLUTION

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Fat Burning, fitness, fun, Program Reviews
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Want a non-biased, non-endorsed review of this fat burning program? You’ve come to the right place my friend!

So recently advertised through email groups etc, is this multi-part program that is selling for $37. At that price I figured I couldn’t go wrong. The components included are: a main manual, four training programs (basic, accelerated fat loss, shredded & sculpted, Advanced athletic fat loss), workout program options guide, exercise instruction manual, as well as a couple “special reports” that include: Fat loss secrets, gender specific, 9-day emergency diet, and photo shoot secrets).

I’ll give a brief summary here:

FLS Manual

To be honest I was pretty disappointed almost immediately at the layout of this document. There are very few paragraph breaks which makes it really hard on the eyes. And when I read the first sentence: “First off I’d like to congratulate you…” I instantly felt patronized.

Chapter one of this manual is dedicated entirely to goal setting and basically re-hashes the same information found in virtually every other training and diet book. If this is the info you seek, Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle does a much better job.

Chapter 2 gets into the basics of nutrition, which once again, has been written about more thoroughly and more accurately by Tom Venuto. Ryan does mention a few very basic supplements, which are staples of most recreational bodybuilders, so nothing new or thought-provoking here.

Chapter 3 is basically a waste of paper, but Chapter 4 actually has some interesting content. He speaks here about spot reduction. Rather than addressing it from the long-since debunked notion of crunching to burn belly fat, he actually speaks of how storing fat in different areas means different things hormonally, which is nothing new, but is probably the best part of the book.

The book finishes by discussing cardiovascular activity and his take on the best ways to do it. It’s hard to argue some of it, but I don’t know that I agree that warming up for 20 minutes before HIIT is the best way to get full intensity.

Workout program guide

This is essentially just a checklist for you to go through to see which of the provided programs best suits your current fitness level. I think I’d prefer if this was based on your personal goals as opposed to how many push ups you can perform, but I can see where he’s coming from.

Exercise guide

This is perhaps the best component of the program. There are good pictures along with bullet points on how to perform each of the exercises he recommends.

The programs:

As mentioned before, there are four separate programs:

Basic Training – He put a lot of work into this one, which seems to gradually work you up as a non-trained individual (unfortunately I can’t imagine that anyone who buys this program will actually be a non-trained individual, so his best-written program will likely be the least used)

Accelerated Fat loss – This has a lot of giant sets, but nothing too Earth shattering.

Shredded & Sculpted – Appears very similar in structure to the accelerated fat loss.

Advanced Athletic – This one is only three weeks, and is essentially circuit training.

Personal record log

This might be the weakest link, and most annoying part of the whole program. I was hoping for printable workout sheets and diet journal pages (like the one found here), but it turned out to be a one page generic, and poorly conceived exercise table that I can’t imagine anyone actually using.

Fat loss secrets of super-lean athletes

This has a sexy title, makes you think there will be some new concepts here that will get you over the hump, doesn’t it?

Well again, it’s really more mind-set things, like be consistent and train with high intensity, and of course make sure to train with weights.

9-day emergency diet

Ever heard of the 21 day cleanse diets? That’s sort of what we have here. Just eat lots of fiber and veggies.

Photo Shoot Secrets

Layne Nortan has written some really good articles on, as have others, so I’m quite familiar with sodium loading, water loading etc, that many physique athletes do to get photo ready… this manual was a complete waste of time to me. No mention of special supplementation, just a run of the mill training schedule with rough dietary suggestions.


Sorry to be harsh, but this is not a well written or laid out set of ebooks at all. I get the impression that he is just another lackey with nothing new to offer, and there are far better resources out there. Unfortunately I think he was trying to reach too broad of an audience to make it effective for anyone.

I’d save my money if I could go back… unfortunately this one doesn’t have a money back guarantee.

UPDATE: Actually they did refund my money when I expressed dissatisfaction, so good on him for that.

Super Hero Physique
superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington

  1. cactusheart says:

    THANK you for not only being a REAL review (not a shill “review” which is really rehashed copy by a paid affiliate), but for sparing me from the hype of this, thus saving me money. You did me a good favor. Thank you for that.

  2. Bobby says:

    Like the above comment, thanks for an honest review, saved me time of ending up having to refund it. hate how hard it is to find a real review.
    Good job! Keep it up in the future:)

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    that, so at this time me also commenting here.

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