2013 contest cut – week 6

Posted: July 23, 2013 in 2013 cut, fitness

After an astonishing finish to last week, I was really energized heading into week 6, determined to make it my best yet… well I’m not sure I totally got there.

A lot of the problems with this week is that over the past 9 days I’ve worked 8 12 hour shifts, some days some nights… so my sleep pattern has been way off. My training schedule has also been thrown off though I did manage to get in 4 pretty solid workouts and a few HIIT cardio sessions in between shifts.

Diet-wise it has been really hard to track due to everything going on, so while I know I didn’t eat too “badly” I also know I probably didn’t eat optimally and having not tracked it I can’t say specifically where I went wrong.

So I know I have to get back to the basics of writing down what I’m eating if for no other reason than to be able to effectively assess it.

supplement-wise, I’ve been keeping it pretty simple. My plan was to give my adrenals a break from stimulants this week, but I needed a boost here and there again due to the massive amount of shifts I’ve had to do at work. I have however added an adrenal support supplement to the mix which I will probably continue throughout the remainder of the cut as I slowly re-introduce caffeine.

I’ve also been using L-Carnitine L-tartate pre-workout, and making sure to get plenty of vitamins and minerals in. I’ve also added in 200mg of DIM throughout the day.

A few nights before bed I took a dose of a product called Bulletproof as well as some added ZMA to help me get a good sleep, and boy did I.

My training has been a combination of heavy training as well as hypertrophy training as I want to get my anabolic hormones as fired up as possible.

Week’s end Restuls:
My weight stayed almost identical at the end of this week. I’m not yet sure if that is due to my metabolism slowing down, or perhaps my hormones are out of whack. I’ve got a tough week ahead of me, that much is certain!


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