2013 contest cut – week 4

Posted: July 9, 2013 in 2013 cut, fitness

I came into this week having not had a great week 3. I laid out a plan for the remainder of the cut, which started with dedicating weeks 4-6 on strength training.

After having taken my kids to the beach and been appalled at my love handles, I decided to address the problem head on by consulting the top people I have access to, and working hard to reduce cortisol via both daily meditation, and supplements (phosphatidylserine post workout, 2g Vitamin C twice/day, increasing magnesium).

It is probably not an estrogen issue at this point, but all the same I decided to begin adding DIM to my daily supplements to help things along. I only took 100mg/day for week 4 with the intention of increasing the dosage a little each week.

The strength style training is based on wave loading, which I’ve had a lot of success with in the past. Basically your reps look like this:

Set 1: 7 reps
Set 2: 5 reps
Set 3: 3 reps
Set 4: 7 reps (slightly increased weight from set 1)
Set 5: 5 reps (slightly increased weight from set 2)
Set 6: 3 reps (slightly increased weight from set 3)

My trainer also suggested increasing intensity in my HIIT training, so I’ve really been killing it on my upright stationary bike HIIT sessions.

Week end results:

Visually I can already see improvements in my body (see pics below), the numbers turned out to be be a little low as I only lost one pound of fat this week. It appears as though I’m entering the zone where every ounce will be a challenge to loose… challenge accepted!


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