Why Numbers are meaningless in bodybuilding

Posted: June 19, 2013 in fitness

I’m sure you’ve seen a sickening number of physical transformation pictures on the internet with their claims about putting on stupid amounts of muscle mass, below is a picture I found on Google of a guy who claimed to put on 30lbs of muscle on a program…


Now there is no question he has improved his physique, and if those numbers are accurate, good on him, but take a look at this comparison of me as a teenager compared to how I looked after a few years of training:
98_12 comp
Based on the numbers given in the previous before-after pics you might be surprised to learn the difference in weight here is only 10lbs.

My point? Instead of focussing on the numbers on the scale, learn the correct principles of hypertrophy to make the most out of the mass you have!

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