Building a Man of Steel Chest with “SUPER DROPS”

Posted: June 8, 2013 in fitness, fun, Muscle Building
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Building an enviable chest is something most men including myself seek after. What I’ve come to discover is that every body part responds best to different training methodologies, and with chest it is as much to do with HOW you train as WHAT movements you perform.

With chest it is about separating the pectoral muscles from the body. This can be done by focusing largely on the squeezing function of the pecs as well as using decline presses to build the lower pecs.

As an aside, keeping lean will also help create the illusion of a bigger chest.


Warmups: warming up the rotator cuffs is an ideal way to make sure you avoid injury as well as strengthening one of the primary groups responsible for stabalizing bench press work.

While on my quest I discovered a method of pec training that seems to have yielded remarkable results in a short span of time. Those who follow my blog know that I’m very much into natural hormone manipulation and optimization, so the workout is designed to this in a few ways…

First we’ll activate the CNS as well as sparking testosterone using the compound exercise that will best help with the muscular separation I mentioned…

  • Decline barbell bench press – pyramid training pattern; set 1 = 10 reps rest 60 sec; set 2 = 8 reps rest 90 sec; set 3 = 6 reps rest 2 min; set 4 = 4 reps rest 3 min; set 5 = 4 reps. *performance notes:make sure to contract the pecs BEFORE pushing to ensure they are fully engaged. Keep shoulders retracted and abs tight to help optimize the movement.

Second is to focus on pure hypertrophy using a variation of dumbbell pressing that will help create outer separation as well as building overall chest fullness…

  • Incline Dumbbell press, palms facing in – 4 sets of 8 reps *performance notes: at the bottom of the movement retract shoulders and tighten abs (I realize this might sound counter intuitive), have your forearms slightly wider than perpendicular to the floor.  When pressing up move your forearms up and in so that the dumbbells tough each other at the top, and squeeze your pecs. Try to maintain that contraction as you slowly lower the weights to the starting position.

Finally we finish with the previously mentioned movemtn that will blast testosterone and GH as well as IGF-1, setting you up for big time growth! This utilizes what I’ve decided to call “SUPER DROPS”.  Generally when doing drops sets they take place at the end of a series of work sets and are usually about 15% drops in weight and fewer reps. Here we are going to drop the weight more — 25% — and increase the number of reps, thus increasing the time under tension even greater and allowing for maximal hypertrophy as well as GH release. Your muscles should be burning after a couple sets of these!

  • Flat machine press, 2-3 SUPER DROPS! – 6-8-10 reps. *how to perform super drops: the first set is relatively heavy, so you perform 6 reps, immediately drop the weight by 25% and aim for 8 reps, drop the weight again by 25% and shoot for 10 reps. Rest for 90 seconds then repeat. **the first drop may need to be more than 25%, however by the second drop you should be at 50% of the original weight.

Depending on your training split, the end of this workout may be a good time to add in some “finishers” by doing a couple sets of triceps or shoulder movements. One of my favorites is a couple of sets of dips as they employ all of these parts.

The great thing about the routine above is it is an easy paradigm to adapt. For example, when you are overloading the chest with 2 chest workouts in a week you can alternate the order that you use the various angles, ie. start by using heavy incline presses, move to flat dumbbell presses and finish with decline super drops. Rotating this way will help avoid excess wear on the shoulder joint.


As mentioned in the original Man of Steel Blog The goal here is to keep as lean as possible while allowing for the greatest growth… to be honest it’s no easy task, but I’ve come up with a few tricks that will serve you well as they have me.

  • have 5-7 small meals throughout the day
  • have protein with each meal (try to vary the sources as much as possible)
  • have vegetables with each meal
  • include complex carbohydrates with one or two meals AFTER exercising
  • include a healthy fat source with non-carb-containing meals.

Good luck, may your pecs take flight!

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