The perfect post-workout drink

Posted: May 24, 2013 in fitness
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It is nothing new to use certain post workout nutrients to get the most out of training, but like anything, I think there are ways to optimize it.  As a quick side note, I’m going to mention certain products by name, simply because I’ve found them to be the best for their specific purposes.  They span several companies none of which endorse me (yet)…

In order to come up with the perfect nutrients to take following an intense training session, the first step it to have a firm grasp on the goals we are trying to attempt and then set out a plan of achieving that.

Whether I’m looking to cut or bulk, the goal of my weight training is always to build muscle. When it comes to building muscle, perhaps the most important thing we can do is maximize anabolic hormones, while limiting catabolic hormones.

A problem here is that hormones tend to want to balance themselves out, so when you boost testosterone, the body wants to boost estrogen. When the body boosts Growth hormone, the body wants to decrease insulin. When the body senses stress it will also release cortisol to attempt to regain normality.

Provided you avoided carbs prior to training, and included a good balance of heavy and high volume training you will have boosted T and GH naturally.  This leaves us with a very critical window following the workout in which we want to decrease cortisol, and spike insulin. The reason to do this is because the simultaneous combination of insulin and GH in the body has been shown to be highly anabolic. It is also a fairly rare thing to occur in the body (naturally).

Since we will be spiking insulin, the delivery hormone, it also makes sense to supply the body with muscle-building amino acids and creatine, so that we supercharge the recovery process.

Furthermore, we want to combat muscle acidity and remove free radicals from the body to speed up recovery. Also we want to help the body lower cortisol and raise testosterone.

Accomplishing all of the above is not actually that complicated.  Sugary carbohydrates such as dextrose can spike insulin as well as combatting cortisol, however I’ve found that I don’t require much, so I start with:

  • 1 Tbs lemon lime Gatorade (10g carbs)

Now for the amino acids:

  • 10g BCAAs (at least 3g leucine) – Aminocore Caribbean splash mixes well with this

In order to fight muscle acidity and remove toxins add:

  • 1 freshly squeezed lemon **Since lemon juice can wear down tooth enamel make sure to brush your teeth with a paste that will build enamel. My dentist recommended Pronamel by sensodyne.
  • 1 scoop phytoBerry

Now to assist with muscle hydration and fullness add in:

  • 5g creatine monohydrate
  • 1 pkg lemon-lime flavored electrolytes

Mix the above in plenty of water, and a couple ice cubes if you like, and then take the following with it:

  • Phosphatydlserine – helps correct testosterone:cortisol ratio
  • 2-5 caps MassPro Synthagen – facilitates protein synthesis
  • 100mg Magnesium – lowers cortisol
  • 25mg zinc – supports testosterone
  • 2g vitamin C – lowers cortisol, antioxident
  • 1000 IU vitamin D3 – supports testosterone
  • 1 high potency multivitamin – removes free radicals, supplies vitamins & minerals

After taking this give it a little time to settle, perhaps take your shower, then throw down about 30g of whey protein mixed with 15g of casein.  An hour or so later is a good time to get some complex carbs in.

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