Two leg workouts in one!

Posted: February 16, 2012 in fitness, Muscle Building

So on Monday and Tuesday I did two workouts each day, a strength session in the morning and a hypertrophy session in the pm (in addition to early morning cardio).

Wednesday however I had a ton of errands to do so I decided to get a little creative for my leg routine.

My normal practice is to pre-exhaust with an isolation move, go into compounds, then finish off with some hamstring work, but this being a high load week I changed it up a bit…

I started out doing heavy leg presses, first feet close together, then changed up foot position and did some pushing with heels (to hit hams).

I then also did a few different version of the hack machine, front facing, backwards, and deep partials.

I then went went into the isolation moves, starting with leg press, then I focused on hamstrings doing leg curls with my knees elevated.

To hit my hams a little more I finished off with some stiff-legged dead lifts. That was it, then I wobbled home!

One of the things I did to help with this workout (as well as the others this week) was to double up my normal glutamine intake, as well as adding some before bed.


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