Week 2 results

Posted: February 12, 2012 in fitness

So I’m right on track being down another two pounds this week. So here’s what I attribute to my improvements up to this point:

  • My morning routine: up early, carnitine and EC stack with water; jog; eat half a grapefruit, have greens, protein with 4 liver tabs, have oatmeal with cinnamon, have morning pills; then 2½ to 3 hours later get ready to go to the gym.
  • Veggies with each meal – helps keep alkaline, lots of good vitamins & minerals, anti-estrogenic, negative calorie foods
  • Carb tapering + nutrient timing
  • Water between all meals – not with, so nutrients aren’t diluted
  • Tracking everything I eat
  • The 5-day detox to start things off
  • Eating more whole foods/cutting down on protein powder, and varying the types of protein (I’ve been using fish – tuna and salmon, beef, eggs, cottage cheese, and occasionally Greek yogurt)
  • Contest/deadline/accountability
  • Pre/intra/post workout nutrition
  • Supplements: BCAAs and Carnitine being powerful for the desired anabolic/catabolic effects, E-bol/T-bol.





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